High School Colombia

The purpose of the High School Program is to provide opportunities for people of diverse cultures to come together to learn about different points of view and ways of life. Cross-cultural understanding is a fundamental step in promoting better friendship and world peace. Students also gain maturity, self confidence and develop intercultural skills.

Key Facts

Destination: residential areas in Bogotá and surrounding areas
Age: 14 to 17 years old
Dates: Jan-Jun and Jul-Dec
Length: Short term, Semester, Academic Year.


Students are placed in Bogotá, but can also be placed in smaller cities surrounding the capital. These areas are safe and have their own nightlife with shopping malls, cinemas, bakeries and markets. Unfortunately, students cannot request a specific location.


The majority of our students are placed in public schools. However, some students may be placed in private schools. Our schools offer academic support for our exchange students and they participate actively in all school activities. 


Our families all volunteer. They are motivated by cultural exchange and international friendship. Students should bring between USD 200-250 per month for personal spending. Host families provide accommodation and 3 meals a day. Any time the student decides to eat out they should pay for it themselves.

A typical Colombian family is made up of a mother, father and two or three children. Families are very close and normally they lunch or dinner together on the weekends and love to have their international students participate.


Our monthly meetings with students, coordinators and an intercultural psychologist are conducted to facilitate the adaptation process and share experiences to promote self-awareness and independence. These meetings last all day and include lunch and snacks.


Our students are met by our team and their homestay families on arrival at the airport in Bogotá. If, for any reason the host family is unable to go to the airport, we provide a transfer. On their return, either we provide a transfer or the family drives the student to the airport.




International Volunteer Program

In an increasingly globalized world, we have the wonderful opportunity to come together as human beings and make a
difference in the lives of those who need it most. International volunteering is a path toward building a more inclusive,
caring, and empathetic world.

We are thrilled to present our long-term international volunteer program, an experience that transcends borders and cultures,
allowing us to work together toward positive change. This program serves as an open door for individuals from all around
the world to come together, share their skills and knowledge, and contribute to local communities in search of a better future.

Our program is based on the belief that each one of us has the power to generate a significant impact. Through volunteering,
we can go beyond our own realities and immerse ourselves in a world of new perspectives and challenges. It is an
opportunity to grow as individuals, develop skills, learn from other cultures, and above all, leave a positive mark on the lives
of those around us.

In our international volunteer program, we focus on key areas such as education, childhood and adolescence, and
community development. These areas represent fundamental pillars for the progress and well-being of local communities.

We will work hand in hand with local nonprofit organizations, supporting concrete projects that address challenges and
generate opportunities.

General Objective: To promote the participation of foreign youth in volunteer activities in Colombia, fostering cultural
exchange and social commitment.

Program Duration: 1 to 6 months.

Partner Organizations: We collaborate with various local nonprofit organizations working in the fields of education,
childhood and adolescence, and community development.

Volunteer Profile: Foreign youth between the ages of 18 and 35, interested in actively contributing to Colombian society, with language skills and an open and respectful attitude towards the local culture. For participants without professional experience, social work in Colombia is often very hands-on. The exact nature of the project depends largely on the
volunteer's participation and attitude in developing their skills—in other words, being proactive!

Activities: Depending on the organizations, volunteers may engage in various activities such as providing academic support
to children in disadvantaged communities, focusing on different activities like sports, English classes, among others;
participating in reforestation activities, cleaning natural areas, and environmental education to raise awareness about the
importance of preserving the environment; collaborating in projects that promote economic and social development in local
communities, such as entrepreneurship workshops, job training, and basic infrastructure improvements; fostering cultural
exchange between foreign volunteers and the local community through social events, recipe exchanges of typical food, and
music and dance demonstrations.

Accommodation and Logistics:
a. Accommodation and Meals: Safe and comfortable accommodation will be provided in a host family or project.
b. Transportation: Local transportation will be provided for volunteers from their accommodation to the activity locations.

Orientation: Before starting the activities, volunteers will receive orientation on Colombian culture, social norms, and local
customs. Monitoring and Evaluation:
a. Regular Meetings: Regular meetings will be held with volunteers to provide support, assess their progress, and address
any concerns.
b. Impact Evaluation: At the end of the program, an evaluation will be conducted to measure the impact of the activities and
gather feedback from volunteers and the beneficiary community.
c. Promotion and Outreach: Communication channels such as social media, websites, and collaborations with embassies
and international organizations will be used to promote the program.



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